Your trading habits,
determine the outcome of your trade.

"ST.MORSE" gathers all your needs,
as an one-stop multi-financial application designed for investors.


professional analysis team

There are students in 100 regions

average hit rate

More than 10 years
of team teaching experience

Up to 700 million
long-term asset management

customer satisfaction

  • Live online chat

    Chat directly with the dedicated assistant, and we will answer any investment questions for you.

  • Multi-item analysis

    Foreign exchange, crude oil, precious metals, indexes, etc., provide real-time analysis of various types of trading products.

  • Trading straregy

    Update regularly every day, follow the market conditions and analyze the best trading strategies to help you win the game.

  • Expert teaching service

    A professional team with many years of financial background, expert online one-to-one teaching guidance.

  • 24-hour service

    Without being disturbed by any time or place, we will be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a year.

  • Featured study courses

    Regularly release advanced technical analysis and investment-related information courses to take you further to understand the knowledge and logic of trading.

  • Focus reminder

    All information and data related to your transaction will be proactively out of the notification to remind you the focus of attention.

  • Market news

    Collect important news affecting the economy, allowing you to quickly receive news and unconditionally connect with the world.

  • Real time quote

    The complete quotation system is updated immediately in accordance with the fluctuation of the global market, presenting you with the most immediate price list.


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